Plains Game  Daily rates  Bowhunting

1 hunter $400
2 hunters $350
3 hunters $325
4 hunters $300
Non hunting client $175

Animals Available Melorani  (eastern Cape at bottom of page)

Zebra $1100
Kudu $2450
Warthog $350
Blue Wildebeest $900
Jackal $55
Impala $400
Red Hartebeest $1000
Gemsbuck $1200
Waterbuck $2000
Eland (cape) $2200
Giraffe $3000
Ostrich $550
Sable $7500
Nyala $2500
Tsessebe $2200

On concession nearby with advance notice

Bushbuck $800
Mountain Reedbuck $550
Klipspringer $1100
Baboon $150
Blesbuck $450

Non trophy animals ( All one horned ( min 1/3rd broken ) half price )

Impala ewes $125
Eland cows (old) $800
Kudu cows $500
Hartebeest cows $550
Wildebeest cows $500
**** PHASA Conservation fee of $10.00 US per trophy taken on the safari  ****
Excluded in prices is VAT of 14% on the daily rates

Items included in daily rates :

  1. The services of a hunting guide.
  2. The services of trackers, field and camp assistants, and cooks. 
  3. The use of a hunting vehicle.
  4. Clients will be provided with transport to and from Johannesburg on 10 day hunts.
    A) Hunts less than 10 days will be have a transportation cost of $700 per vehicle  
    B) Arriving late or leaving earlier resulting in less than 10 days, will result in a transportation cost of $700 per vehicle.
  5. Full accommodation (daily laundry, all food and reasonable quantities of local beer, minerals and soft drinks). 
  6. One of each species @ listed trophy. Wounded animals must be paid for, second of same species at operator's discretion

Eastern Cape Rifle Hunting

Daily rates as for Melorani Bowhunting, however Oceana Lodge can be used as lodgings for those seeking ultimate luxury at $1000 per person per day.

Trophy fees Eastern Cape

Caracal (hunted with hounds) $800 plus dog fee $200 per day for days max 
Blue duiker $1200 plus day fee $100
Oribi $2200
Blesbuck $500
Bushbuck $650
Bushpig (baited) $800
Grey duiker $300
Impala $400
East cape kudu $1750
Mountain reedbuck $500
Nyala $2500
Warthog $350
Waterbuck $2400
Eland $2500
Red Hartebeest $900
Blue Wildebeest $900
Zebra $1200
Please enquire for any animals not on the list. Oribi and blue duicker subject to availability

Deposit policy:  50% of daily rates.
Days lost to illness, lost luggage, delayed flights, etc. are at client expense.

Cancellation policy:
Canceling more than 6 months prior to hunt dates, you are entitled to 50% of your deposit refunded. 
If less than 6 months prior then 100% of the deposit is forfeited.    
Or, you deposit may be carried forward to the next calendar year without penalty.
Cancellation in subsequent year will result in a complete forfeit.  

Call us toll free at 1-800-833-9777 for more details.