Most non hunters enjoy riding out with us to drop off the hunters at their hides, as on the way we always see plenty of game. Also, once a hunter has shot his trophy, we will take his wife/kids to the follow up and photo session, always accompanied by a coolbox of cold drinks and refreshments.

Many wives just want to relax in camp and read a book while keeping one eye on the busy waterhole in front of camp. There are short circular walks through the bush too, the birdlife is also exceptional in variety and color. Some of the more energetic like to go for a jog! We also have a lovely hide at our big dam which normally has waterfowl and game moving in and out throughout the day.

Our second most popular outing for the wives and daughters has become Elsies Spa next door to us. Elsie is our neighbours young wife who is also a beautician and has set up a luxury spa which offers manicures, pedis, massages, waxes and treatments of all sorts. Some wives have returned for a whole day with Elsie and have loved it.

Not everyone wants to go to a spa in the bush though, and for those we can do things like a breakfast/brunch in the bush under a spreading acacia tree or drive up the beautiful and rugged Enselsberg hills and have sundowners at the highest point which affords a 360 degree view of he wooded plains of Africa all around. Quite spectacular.

Besides the game drives during the day, we can also do night drives which reveal a different nocturnal life, porcupines, genet cats, night apes,jackal, caracal, hyena and even leopard have been seen at night in the spotlight.

A very popular evening can be spent having a sundowner on Bea verandah. Bea, the matriach of Melorani, has her routine of feeding all the animals and birds in the evening. Tame nyala eat from your hand, while a couple of kudu will come right up to the verandah to eat off the tiles until the warthog family chases them away. And while this goes on dozens of guineafowl are gathered under the garden trees waiting for their crushed corn. And it doesn`t end, the francolin and hornbills are fed seperately and then a pile of food is left out for the procupines that come after dark.....and all the while the dogs lie and watch, always irritated by the warthogs which chase them from time to time....its a circus every evening!!

Further from home is Sun City, about 1 1/2 hours drive away. There is so much on offer here that it is suggested you stay over for a night or two. The are hot air balloon rides over the big five reserve, or daily game drives and night drives. Stay in the luxurious Palace, go on elephant back safaris, visit the huge crocodile farm, eat at fine resturants, play golf, tennis or gamble. Google Sun City and see, its our mixture of Vegas and Disney with a real reserve!!!

Sun City

elephant back at Sun City  

On the way back to the airport we usually stop for curio shopping at a safe wholesale store near Johannesburg. Anything you ant they usually have in stock from the inexpensive and common curios to the real authentic stuff. We also have contacts should you be wishing to buy an investment diamond or tanzanite at excellent prices. Many of our hunters do this as "hunt insurance" as wives then don`t mind the rest of the safari spend if she gets her share too. Off course we prefer you to spend it on trophy fees!!!