News and video for a taste of Melorani in June 2014

Ken and Anna Vorisek were our first clients in this season. Ken was here primarily to video wildlife while Anna focused on walk and stalk. While Anna stalked 2 warthogs,a hartebeest and an impala, she also took a kudu and an nyala from blinds.

Anna with nyalakudu



Ken has put together a fantastic video of his trip to Melorani, have a look at it at

Our latest hunters were the Yates family who celebrated Rays Yates` 60th birthday with a bow hunting safari to Melorani. They were joined by good friend Chuck Taylor. All 4 took kudu in their 10 days as well as nyala, hartbeest, waterbuck and several impala and warthogs. It was a great hunt and plenty other species could have been taken but we need the Yates` to return!!!

 black death


Most of the season still lies ahead of us






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