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Melorani is 12000 acres of prime African bushveld. The veld is predominantly sweet thornveld with open vleis and thickly wooded areas. The diversity of habitats allow for the exceptional variety of species that occur naturally in the area. These include, amongst others, buffalo, sable antelope, kudu, nyala, zebra, giraffe, eland, gemsbuck, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest and waterbuck aplenty. There have also been occaisional sightings of leopard, wild dogs and cheetah. black death


We allow a maximum of 25 privileged hunters a year on Melorani. This is to ensure top quality trophy animals on a sustainable basis as well as personalized service second to none. the proof is in the continued yield of quality trophies year after year. Request references as we have many each year.

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Owner and operator, Stewart Dorrington has had the honor of serving as President to the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa for three years, voted as such by his fellow professional hunters in South Africa. (2005-2007) The integrity of this operation is out the top drawer. He also received the PHASA award for service to the industry in 2008 and in 2009 he again won the trophy of the year award for the magificent 35 1/2 waterbuck bull taken by a client on Melorani. Stewart is married to Bronwyn and they have 2 boys Roscoe and Richard.

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Hunters are encouraged to bring their families as there is much for them to see and do. Game drives and game walks are popular as is sitting in a blind at a waterhole with a camera in hand. Melorani is an ornithologist's paradise with over 250 species of birds on record. In addition to experiencing Melorani, we can organize shopping for gemstones including diamonds and tanzanites. Our contact will give you prices better than the international wholesale prices and it is all legal. It is not a bad hunting insurance for the men if they plan to return to Africa without their wives!!  We also can take you to curio wholesalers or you can buy from dealers on the side of the road on the way back to Johannesburg. Outings to Sun City can be arranged, as well as other nearby places that reflect the unique culture of the area. It would be a mistake to leave your family behind.      family hunts


Hunting and blinds: Most of the hunting is done from carefully constructed blinds although walk and stalk is also encouraged. There are pit blinds, ground blinds, elevated box blinds, pop up blinds as well as tree stands all strategically placed as to give the hunter the best opportunity for that clean kill shot. We can accommodate compound, crossbows and traditional bowhunters, whether right or left handed, big or small. Most shots are within 20 yards.



In addition to Melorani, we have access to nearby concession areas for species that do not occur naturally on Melorani or to relieve pressure on certain species that may need a break. We are very particular about ensuring that no species are overshot as to deliver consistent trophy quality over the long term. These concession areas are available to both rifle and bow hunting.

Safety precautions: Melorani is in a malaria free area and it is therefore not necessary to take any prophylactics or have any inoculations before or after the safari, unless you are travelling to other parts of the country too. Crime is unknown on Melorani and the hunting environment is very relaxed and friendly. However, clients will be expected to sign an indemnity against injury or loss before the safari begins. There are animals that can be dangerous and although we have never had an incident, there is always a very small element of risk.

The water is from an underground well and is clean, pure, safe and healthy to drink.

Community Projects: Historically, game reserves have held no benefit for the local native populations. We have undertaken housing projects for the staff as well as built a church for the community and continue to help create employemnt and improve conditions for the neighbouring community. All our staff are drawn from this community. These projects are funded from small donations from clients as well as the sale of meat from the trophies hunted on Melorani. By hunting on Melorani, you are supporting the local community. For $150 we can arrange for the community choir to come sing and dance for you for evening entertainment! It is an unforgettable African experience that is a highlight for most clients.

How to get here : Our clients are collected from Johannesburg International Airport and transferred directly by road to Melorani, a journey of three hours. There is no additional charge for fetching and returning the client. There are numerous international airlines flying daily to Johannesburg, including non stop flights from New York and Atlanta. After the safari, we return you back to the airport and can include some curio shopping, or even wholesale diamonds and jewelry, if required.